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Cam sex women only HelpListThis help page is a howto guide.It details processes or procedures of some aspect or aspects of Wikipedias norms and practices. It is not one of Wikipedias policies or guidelines as it has not been thoroughly vetted by the community.Contentsunordered lists definition lists or association lists. In the following sections various list types are used for different examples but other list types will generally give corresponding results. Ordered numbered lists should usually be used only for list items that should be in a specific order such as steps in a cooking recipe.MarkupRenders asLists are easy to dostart every linedeeper levels A newline in a listmarks the end of the list. Of course you can start again.A newlineyou canNumbered lists are goodeasy to followDescription definition association lists Term Descriptionor Term DescriptionCan be used for more than terms and definitions per se.or Term Description Line 1 Description Line 2Description definition association listsper se. orOr create mixed listsBlueberry A line break in an item is done with HTMLbr like this. Just breaking the line will accidentally end the listlike this. This was supposed to be item 3 not a new list.A line break in an item is done with HTMLlike this.This was supposed to be item 3 not a new list. A new camlassies.comOn the next page you can learn how to create and customize numbered lists....

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Bumble bee bee clipart winkIF you are aware of slang or Internet terms that are not on this list that you believe would be of help to others please and we will immediately add it.Thank you for your help. MORE information on common

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Sex hookup site no memberships Welcome to irchelp IRC n. Internet Relay Chat IRC provides a way of communicating in real time with people from all over the world. It consists of various separate networks or nets of IRC servers machines that allow users to connect to IRC. IRC is very similar to text messaging but designed around communicating with large groups of users instead of one on one. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who been supporting IRC users since 1993. This webside is affiliated with the irchelp channels on the EFNet freenode and IRCNet networks.ClientsAn IRC client is the vehicle that connects you to the global network of IRC servers. A variety of applications are available so whether you are on Windows Linux MacOS or one of dozens of other operating systems or even on your smartphone find out which client is best for you.NetworksIRC is organized into numerous independent networks all with different audiences geographical reach and management. Besides the major networks there are also many smaller networks that serve either a niche audience or a small geographical region. SecurityLearn how to protect your computer from risks on and off of IRC including social engineering trojan horse attacks and denial of service attacks. FAQsThere are a lot of questions people frequently ask about IRC and weve collected them into several lists of FAQs.

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American milf live cam VISUAL DISTANCE. A rough rule of thumb is to take the squareroot of the height in feet and that will give the miles from the antenna to theground. Repeat for the other antenna and add the number of miles. This canbe multiplied by about 1.2 to 1.3 for radio waves. For example if thetransmitter antenna is 625 feet high and the receiving antenna is 16 feet highsquare root of 625 25 miles square root 16 4 miles. Add 254 29miles for the visual distance. Then multiply this by 1.3 to get 37.7miles of radio range. This gives the visual distance. And of course transmitterpower and antenna gain receiver noise figure and antenna gain enter into itsee links above.FROM THE INTERNETThe basic equation for path attenuation is Attn. 36.6 20 log FMHz 20 logd miles in dB.The log function dilutes the effect of frequencychange so tripling the frequency from 147 MHz to 441 MHz increases the loss by20 log 3 10 dB. ITT Handbook Chapter 28 in most recent editions.Clarification from Larry W9QRWith reference to 144 MHz and 440 etc. Path loss in free space is independent of frequency. The free space loss equation has a frequency quantity in it to offset the loss of signal received by an isotropic antenna. An isotropic antenna or a dipole for that matter intercepts 6dB less wavefront energy when the frequency is doubled. Therewas no increasein path loss. In free space. Since by definition all isotropic antennas radiate equally well at all frequencies there is no ne

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Tinder baltimore A GOLIST user has started a GOLIST group at Yahoo. ClickHereTitle GOLIST GOWIN DXAlert DX Telnet Description This Group is dedicated to the discussionof techniques to maximize the success of obtaining DX QSLs. Particular attentionis given to accurate identification of QSL Managers and the associated data basetools GOLIST and GOWIN. DX Alert is a useful tool for weekly planning youroperations to work those needed DX stations. Discussion related to DX TELNET DX HUNTER are also encouraged.QSL INFO DX QSL Reflector Send email to with DX callsigns in the message body. Include only callsigns for best performance. Additions and corrections should go to the database maintainer Lothar DL1SBF packet radio addressDL1SBF DB0SDX.BW.DEU.EU email comments etc. to Ray WQ5L rockerdatasync.comRadio Astronomy Amateur Radio Mail List any subject subscribe on first message lineRagChew Amateur Radio Mail List any subject subscribe on first message lineRepeaters Owners Mail Reflector No TEXT or subject neededRepeater Mail Reflector no subject subscribeSan Diego Hams with subscribe hamradio in the body of the message.Solar Flux Indices with text no subjectsubscribeStewperry Top Band Distance Contest with text no subjectsubsc

Totally free sex in australia Small Roman NumbersIn addition to these options you can specify at which number the list should start. The default start value for numbered lists is at number one or the letter A.Look at these examples to see the detailed syntax.HTMLCODEtextThis is one lineol typeAThis is one lineol typeaThis is one lineol typeIThis is one lineol typeiThis is one lineol type1This is one lineol typeI start7An example of how type and start can be combined.This is one line

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